Remembering a Family Vacation

Remembering a Family Vacation

Remembering a Family VacationEvery family vacation leaves people with lasting memories. A trip to see the wonder of the Grand Canyon gives children a sense of the true miracles of the Earth. Even that family trip where the cousins gossiped about you fear of falling off the cruise ship leave irreplaceable memories. You even bought the newest most expensive model 9000 digital camera. You have pictures, videos, and images running out your ears. What happens to these fingerprints from your vacation when you get home? Do they become retired to the back of the junk drawer on a memory stick sure to become obsolete in the next five years.

People want their memories to have that special image for a lifetime, not until the next vacation comes around. What do you want to happen to your memories? Do they collect dust, or become a talking point for each person who asks about your trip? Will you have the energy to describe each picture in detail about the how, when, where, and why of each picture taken? Maybe you will print them out to do something artistic with the photos.Sadly you don’t have time to create a fantastic collage from gluesticks, yarn, and bubble wrap. Before you know it, you have returned from vacation, and only your mind contains those memories. You start to settle in from the long exciting vacation when it happens.

Your coworker calls on the phone. Her voice is annoying, and seething with jealousy. She wants to know where you went. Where did you have the tire blow out at? Did you see anyone famous? Where are the pictures? She practically begs you to bring them to work. No doubt her comments will show her disdain for your joy. You have to make it better. You must do something that will last. You don’t want to recount your vacation word for word until the end of time. You tell your coworker you will send her some photos, and you hang up the phone.

You sit on the computer and pull up your browser. What do you do? Should you simply email the photos with a brief caption? It’s far too boring. You type picture collage maker online into the search bar. You strike gold! In minutes you are creating a collage of all your memories. Your photos begin to tell the story of your vacation. So many backgrounds and frames to choose from make your heart speed up while you laugh thinking about all the fun times. The project you dreaded evolves into a masterpiece that thrills you when it’s completed. The last caption bubble goes in, and the collage beams with your pride. The printer shoots out fabulous copies of the images. Seven digital versions get emailed to the family members too obsessed with work to attend another family vacation. Your smile silently with triumph written across your face.

The multiple collages created in a few minutes from your last day off smile back at you. Each collage tells the story of another part of the trip. Your collages could become a massive chronological collage for years to come. Your coworkers surely will marvel at your creation.

Thinking about your coworkers makes you send a digital copy now, and then facebook finishes uploading a few digital versions of your collage. Who wins this game now? Your pictures and memories will live on by all who see them. Your story spans across time into the future as presents and wishes for another family vacation. Who knew it was so easy? A simple google search for picture collage maker online brought all this joy into your life. No go out and have another vacation each day of your life. Every day holds some wonder waiting for an explorer to capture it. Take an adventure, take a family vacation. Your memories will not collect dust in a junk drawer. They will survive.


Basics of Drain Cleaning


??????????????Chances are that everyone who is reading this article has experienced a clog in their kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink, or shower at some point in their life. These are annoying little events that sometimes can happen frequently requiring a test of our patience to fix the minor issue. There are many reasons why things get clogged up. Most likely, there is a buildup of stuff that has accumulated over time and now water has a difficult time of flowing freely through the drain. This can be a build up of your hair in the event that your shower is clogged, or can be a build up of food in the event that your kitchen sink is clogged. The important thing is to know what to do if you have a clog so that you can remain calm and fix it effectively hopefully avoiding future issues.

First of all determine where the clog is. If you have metal pipes, consider pouring boiling hot water down the drain to see if it’ll unclog with this less obtrusive approach. If this doesn’t work, perhaps try using a plunger if you have one laying around. Remember to use quick and sharp plunges in order to most effectively try to rid the drain of its clog. Suppose the clog is being a bit pesky and those attempts aren’t working. Then pour some baking soda down the drain, making sure to get it as far down the drain as possible. Once you have sufficient baking soda down the drain, pour some vinegar down the drain as well. The vinegar will mix with the baking soda and start bubbling and fizzing. If you are finding that your sink is still clogged, try pouring some laundry bleach down the drain once the baking soda and vinegar has stopped fizzing. Let the bleach sit in the drain for about an hour or so then run some warm water down the drain. Hopefully one of these two ideas works if you have a minor clog, and chances are you have these materials already in your home, so it is nice and convenient.

If your clog is still being persistent, perhaps you have a more heavy duty issue and you can purchase drain cleaner from the store such as Drano to better break down the build up of junk causing the clog. Follow the instructions on the bottle to know how to use the product. These products are inexpensive and also easy ways to solve clogs. If none of the above ideas work, and you feel like pulling out your hair by this point, contact a professional plumber to come in and save the day. Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is your solution. They have extensive experience in fixing both large and small plumbing issues as well as drain cleaning to ensure your pipes are happy. You rely on your drains to effective remove unwanted waste from your home. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your drains, the whole system will work much better. So if you can’t remember the last time you checked up on your drains, perhaps it would be a wise idea to go do some tune up today! 


Filing a Mechanics Lien

Filing a Mechanics Lien

Filing a Mechanics LienIf you are anything like me, you can’t wait to live in a home. My husband and I have been married two years, and our goal is to be able to purchase something in another year, so after three years of marriage. If you are anything like me, you have imagined your whole life growing up what your dream house will some day be. I know that I have sat down dozens of times and drawn out floor plans, thought about decorations, and dreamed about what I’d love my house to look like when I get older.

A great option to get everything you want in a home is to build. That being said, it is important to find and contract a builder who understands your vision. Furthermore, you want someone who is very good at their job and knows what they are doing. Someone you can share your ideas with and know the job will get done right the first time. Someone who values time and makes sure to stay on schedule in as much as they are physically able to. You have your dream home in your mind or perhaps on paper and you need something to physically bring it to life.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the equation for a minute. Let’s say you are a contractor who has just completed building a home, and unfortunately you aren’t getting paid for the work you have completed. I’m sure this not only frustrates you, but it may be a problem financially since you probably need the money that you were supposed to receive for the project for financial obligations. Fear not, there is hope for you because you can file a Mechanics lien. This means you are gaining a security interest in the title to property you helped to improve.

In fact, Utah Mechanics Lien is a great starting point. Quick Lien is there to help you in this particular situation. They understand that you need to be paid in a timely manner and will help you to get the money you are entitled to receive for your services. It doesn’t matter if the job you completed was for a major construction, a small remodel, electric work, or even just some landscaping they will help you get your rightful payment. Their staff is knowledgeable about the laws governing this particular type of situation and are willing and ready to assist you get the compensation that is rightfully yours for the services you performed. They have even made the filing process efficient so it would behoove you to work with them instead of treading this unknown water alone. You need to make sure the lien is filed properly or else it might not go through. That is where a professional can help. If you are in dire circumstances and need the money ASAP, you can even have this company put a rush on the service and have a resolution a whole lot faster. Hopefully you will never be in this boat, but if you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, call someone today!


Great Shows in Hollywood

Great Shows in Hollywood

Great Shows in HollywoodIf you are anything like me you enjoy traveling. I think going to an unfamiliar city and exploring is fun and exciting. However, one might be a bit apprehensive if they have never been to a certain big city before about getting around without getting lost. Let’s look at Los Angeles for instance. LA has a great public transportation system that is made up of subways, light-rail, buses and shuttles. This makes getting around the city pretty easy and painless. You could also take a cab, rent your own vehicle or walk as well depending on how willing you are to deal with traffic and how much money you want to spend.

What is there to do in LA? The following are some great ideas of lesser known places that you might not know about that you’ll what to check out while visiting Los Angeles. First, be sure to visit the Huntington Library. Before you say that’s too boring, hear me out. The library is situated on 120 acres of botanical gardens and they are breathtaking to see. If you go inside the library you’ll find some famous art and documents so if you are a history buff it is a great spot to hit up in the city. Second, don’t pass up the J. Paul Getty Museum. You can check out the gardens there as well as the art. Best of all, it is free! Third, if you are looking for some good food and enjoy foreign cuisine, Sushi in the Valley is perfect for you. It isn’t cheap, but definitely worth it for some great sushi. Fourth, Runyon Canyon Park is another favorite.

Once you climb to the top of the hill, you can overlook the city of Los Angeles and it’s quite the sight to behold. Definitely worth getting away from the bustling city and receive some fresh air. Fifth, Robertson Boulevard is another favorite worth checking out. They have some eclectic restaurants and shops along the street, but you are mostly there to spot a celebrity. Let’s be honest, we all secretly hope that we will during a trip to LA right? Sixth, Malibu Beach should definitely not be overlooked on your vacation to the city. You will see all types of entertainment here from hot moms, surfer dudes, Pamela Anderson who lives super close and of course the people selling paraphernalia and even exercising right there on the beach. Seventh, be sure to spend some time on Olvera Street. This was incidentally the heart of downtown back when the Spanish owned it. You can find little souvenir shops and great food. Walk a short way up the street and see the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall or Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels.

All these are fun ideas to spend your days while visiting Los Angeles. But what if you are searching for some great nightlife? You are in luck, Chocolate Sundaes Comedy is your solution! They have shows every Sunday night at 8:00 and 10:00. They have had some star studded talent including: Dave Chapelle, Jamie Fox, Chris Rock and Dane Cook to simply name a few. So if you are looking for a good laugh and a great time, check them out. 


Fun Summertime Activities

Fun Summertime Activities

If you are anything like me you absolutely love summer time. I get so excited for Summer each year because of all the fun things that you can do outside to enjoy the nice and warm weather. That being said what are a few great things to do next summer?

First, a really fun summer activity is river rafting. I know I have done this multiple times before and it is a lot of fun. Depending on where you live you will have different options of where you can do. For instance if you live in Colorado, you can take a great ride on the Arkansas River with your family and friends and have the time of your life. This is great for those times when it is really hot outside and the water is nice and cool.

Second, another really fun summer activity is to go camping. Lots of people enjoy this because you can go with a group of friends, or your family. Plus there are lots of places to camp such as Arches National Park, Sahale Glacier Camp, Joshua Tree and Catalina Island to name a few. This appeals to a lot of people because you get to commune with the great outdoors.

Third, another really fun summer activity is going to baseball games. There is a reason why baseball is the great American pastime. I grew up with season tickets to the Seattle Mariners and that’s how we spent our summers. It was so much fun. Not only is baseball a fun sport, but going to a large stadium that has a ton of energy is just a blast. Fourth, another great summer activity is going boating. I have to say that this is my personal favorite. We grew up with having a boat and going out all the time during the summer. Boating is so much fun because there is something for everyone. Individuals can simply sit on the boat, go swimming, or do some fun activities such as skiing or tubing. This is a fun activity to do with your family or friends.

Fifth and final great thing to do in the summer is to go bike riding. I know this is something my family has recently gotten more into. If you ask my parents they look forward to Saturday mornings during the summer because they grab their bikes and hit the road for 15 mile bike rides. My husband and I somewhat joined the bandwagon this summer and bought some nice bikes that we road around town.

Lastly, if you are looking for something more education perhaps looking into Whale Camp would be up your alley. It is a great choice if you are interested in marine biology. It is located on Grand Manan Island and you can have the time of your life examining the systems of life in the sea and receiving hands on whale research. So whatever it is you like to do in the summer, have fun doing it and keep some of these great ideas in mind! There is always something fun to do for everybody. 


Gift Ideas for Toddlers in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Toddlers in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Toddlers in Your LifeEver wondered what gift to get a toddler? What would benefit them and help them grow and develop in a positive way?

Books are a great educational gift for a toddler. Books allow the creative mind of a young child to be nurtured and are crucial for their development. As your child gets older, you can tailor the choices of books to fit their particular interests. As general advice however, pick out books which introduce basic themes and invite conversation with your child. Picture books are a great way to accomplish this. By focusing on basic themes and books that invite conversation you can introduce your child to the pleasures and benefits of reading. As far as classroom teaching in the home, grab books which focus on ABCs, counting, colors and shapes. It can also be fun to get books that have different flaps or that are touch and feel engaging a child’s motor skills. Also, the habit of bedtime reading can be very beneficial for young children. Not only is it good parent-child time, it also can serve as a relaxing activity before trying to get children to sleep.

In addition to books, educational games are also a great gift for toddlers. Even though toddlers are constantly putting things into their mouths and have little attention span at times for games and activities, the right educational games allow for more hands on interaction for young children to develop their motor skills. Some fun educational games that engage the mind for toddlers include matching games, puzzles, games with sounds and even just coloring. Also try games or activities focusing on stacking, sorting and stringing various objects. Help the child to use their brain to think about how different pieces go together.

Third, along the lines of getting them to use their motor skills you can provide your toddler with piano lessons. Before you laugh at the thought of your toddler trying to learn the piano, contact piano lessons houston. They state that children who take music lessons show higher cognitive learning compared to other children. So if you want your child to have a good way of developing this, consider piano lessons!

Lastly, a great gift for toddlers are supplies for preschool. School is always very exciting for the child as well as the parents. Something that is beneficial in helping a toddler get prepared for preschool is to take them shopping with you to get some of their supplies. The first item you should look at obtaining is probably a little backpack to hold everything. The backpack is very important and gives kids the sense of importance, they are becoming a big kid. Most preschoolers will also need markers and crayons for coloring and art projects. This allows the child to foster their creativity and have fun with various colors. Play-Doh is also a fun activity that you can get for your child to play with and create all sorts of imaginative creations.

Being a toddler can be a fun and also a frustrating time for a child as they are beginning trying to understand the world better. By incorporating good educational activities into their routine they can learn to develop their minds, motor skills and creativity and channel it into good productive energy.


Look Like a Million Bucks on Your First Date

Look Like a Million Bucks on Your First Date

Look Like a Million Bucks on Your First DateI’m sure we’ve all had the question of what to wear on a first date so that we look our best. I know I’ve stood in front of an overflowing closet and claimed that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Women tend to care more about what they wear than the actual date itself which is pretty surprising when you think about the point of dating being to make and find connections with others.

Clothes should add to your appeal definitely not detract from your natural beauty and unique traits. You are the best judge of what clothes make you look good and which ones are less than desirable. Pick out the characteristics of your body that you most like and let your clothes appeal to those areas. If you have great legs, wear something that shows them off. If you love the color of your eyes, wear a shirt that makes the color pop out. Another piece of advice is wear clothing that is suitable to the venue or occasion that your date dictates. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb for wherever you are going or whatever you are doing.

You want to blend into the environment well. Along with making sure that your clothes fit well to the occasion, you should also make sure that your clothes fit you well. Clothes should look good as well as make you feel good. Nothing is worse than having your clothes be uncomfortable and you are constantly adjusting things all night long so you can’t focus on each other which of course is the point of the date. Some helpful tips when deciding on what to wear for a first date is to try the outfit on beforehand. It pays to prepare what you are going to wear beforehand because then you aren’t finding yourself racing against the clock trying to get ready right before the date. You want time to adequately relax and make sure you aren’t rushed before a first date.

It is also helpful to have one outfit that you can fall back on and wear on any given occasion. Something that you know looks great on you and that you feel good wearing. Something that I feel is so important is wearing something that is you. Your outfit should add to your natural beauty and personality not detract from it. Wear something you feel comfortable and feel like yourself in. Don’t try to be something you aren’t just to make a good impression on someone else. Chances are that you will feel self-conscious and not have nearly as good of a time on your date as you could have. In addition to wearing the right clothes to help you look your best for a first date, chances are you might want to wear some accessories as well. If you are looking for inexpensive jewelry that is still nice check out Vienna Jewelry. They buy a lot of gold, silver, watches, diamonds and even designer jewelry so they are a great resource to find some nice second hand pieces. Pick something out that is unique and goes well with your outfit. The most important part of any first date however is to just have fun! Be yourself and just have a good time.



Basics For Your Pup

Basics For Your Pup

Having a four legged friend can be a rewarding experience and we always want the best for our new best friend. If you are a new dog owner, there are a lot of things to do to prepare for the arrival of the puppy. While basic things, such as food and a leash, are at the top of the list there are lots of other things to consider as well, that may get lost with all the excitement of a new dog.

Food is clearly one of the most important things to be stocked up on for your dog. Whether you choose wet food, dry food, organic, or a combination of these options, pet supplies from online sources are a great way to shop. They often offer a wider variety of healthier food options for your dog. You only need to decide what you feel is best for your, and your dog’s, needs. While shopping, don’t forget food and water dishes that are the right size for your dog. Also, it can be extremely helpful to have food storage containers if you plan to buy large bags of food. This way, you can keep the food fresh and safe from insects.

Many other accessories are also important additions to your home when you have dog. A bed and a crate will create spaces especially for your dog that he or she will feel comfortable and safe in. It is important for your dog to know they have their own safe place to go to if they are in a stressful situation. Depending on the dog, stressful situations could include anything from loud, unfamiliar guests to thunderstorms.
Toys are also an important and fun thing to have for your dog. Your puppy needs to play as a learning tool for interaction with humans or other dogs. Play time is excellent for both exercise and bonding between you and your dog. Buying pet supplies online offers the biggest selection of toys for your dog. You will be able to find different toys for all different types of play, as well as quirky toys that fit your own personality and add something even more special to playtime.

Other very important tools you need to have for you dog is a leash and collar. Many areas have specific laws about leashes and you should always check what those are, but generally dogs are required to be on leashes in public places. Leashes prevent your dog from running off and can prevent him or her from interacting with other animals or people that may not be safe.

A collar should be the correct size for your dog so that is not too tight around the neck, but also not too loose so that it could be slipped off. A good guide for this is to be able to have enough space for two fingers in-between the dog’s neck and the collar. An important addition to the collar is an identification tag with information about the dog’s name and your contact information in case the dog is lost.

Having a dog is a great responsibility with even greater rewards. With proper preparation, you will be well on your way to a happy life with your new best friend.


Make Your Dream of Starting a Family Diner a Reality


family_dinerEver wanted to open a family diner? A family diner can be pretty exciting and a great way to earn some extra money. There are several steps that need to be planned out before the venture can be successful. First, you need to choose what type of diner you want to open. Some examples include seafood restaurant, steakhouse, all-you-can-eat buffet, breakfast and brunch shop. This dictates what kinds of food will be on your menu. The location, ambience, and size of your diner are also contributing factors that should be catered to the type of customers you hope to acquire.

Once you have planned out most of the aforementioned steps, it is time to deal with the legal and financial aspects of starting your own diner. This is where a business plan can come in handy! A business plan outlines critical aspects of your restaurant, such as the types of items on your menu, the types of customers you will serve, financial information about this business, marketing ideas, and how you plan to hire new employees. You need a business plan in order to register for a business license to operate in your state. Other legal nuances that must be fulfilled are health and sanitation inspections.

Next up, you will need to gather funding and supplies. Ask for a business loan in a bank to open this start-up is a great idea. However, if you don’t qualify, partner up with your family or friends to gain more capital. After obtaining the capital, look for potential food vendors and local food manufacturers in your area. Simultaneously, take the time to scout out potential candidates for your diner. A diner with a hardworking staff will carry its reputation forward a long way. Plan beforehand how many employees you plan to hire. Managers, cooks, servers, and busboys are the most sought-after roles in restaurants, and so it is crucial to select the most qualified ones.

After your diner starts attracting business, there are some ways to keep your business prospering and running. Try to encourage more customers by giving them discounts for inviting their friends. You can advertise on social media sites and provide coupons for people who follow you on Twitter or Facebook. It is also vital to consider alarm monitoring company services, for example Alarm Relay. Alarm Relay will notify the authorities if there are any break-ins or fires. It is a small price to pay to prevent possible catastrophes that can occur in your diner.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully establish your own family diner that you can only dream of having, cheaply and efficiently.


Finding the Best Graduate Program For You


MBA degrees are highly coveted the world over. It has taken a short time for people to realize the potential a graduate school degree carries. The prospects include earning better salaries, improved career opportunities and having an elaborate business network. Even with all the prestige attached to these degrees, it would be counterproductive for you to enroll in response to MBA euphoria. Take time to assess your career goals. Consider whether you will have time for a full time masters in business administration degree. If your inclination is towards marketing, majoring in accounting or finance would be like committing career suicide. Avoid following the masses, choose your courses wisely and study things you love.

You will find the following tips on choosing a graduate school program useful:

Start reviewing your options early

Do not wait until there are only a few weeks left before universities open admissions. Doing so will only lead to a quick and poor choice of courses. Start researching about your ideal program early. A six month period is sufficient. Use this time to talk to friends or workmates who have been through or are currently pursuing the program. Visit campuses that you have earmark for possible admission and find out how the program is conducted. If you are pursuing the course online, review websites of several top universities and compare their courses.

Identify your area of preference

The career options after completion of an MBA program are far and wide. Take an interest in what happens to people who hold high positions in your present career line. Evaluate whether this is what you would like to do in future. Listen to your instincts. Probably, you have desired to ditch your present career and pursue another. Given a choice, would you go back to the same profession? Is there an area that you feel you can excel? Consider some of these questions. They will help you know the industry where you fit. You can then proceed to identify a major that will auger well with your decision.

Compare and contrast your options

A computer spreadsheet will prove to be quite useful here. Open a blank sheet on your computer. Have columns detailing different aspects of MBA programs. These may include cost, location, availability of scholarships, internships, placements and so on. On the left hand side of your spreadsheet, list the options that you feel are worth pursuing. You can even list the individual schools offering them. Once you are done making these entries, you can now sit back and analyze. Look at what carries more weight. Be as objective as possible.

Every time you send an email or attend an interview at a select grad school, put a note against the school’s column on the spreadsheet. Indicate if you were treated well and got the information you sought for.