Flagship Financial and All the Benefits of a VA Loan


Those who have served in the military do have certain benefits awarded to them they may only be vaguely aware of. Many veterans have likely heard of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, but they might not be familiar with all their benefits. They might not be sure of how the loans work. Investigating the value of these loans is definitely advised to all those veterans who qualify.

What is a VA Loan?

VA loans are intended for a very specific purpose. These are mortgage loans backed by VA Department. Veterans or their surviving spouses can be eligible for the loans. Applicants do not apply directly to the VA. Instead, the applications are submitted to lending institutions such as Flagship Financial, which is a lender affiliated with the VA’s program.

The Value of Backing

A loan “backed” by the Department of Veterans Affairs means the lender won’t lose all its money if the borrower defaults. The VA is, in essence, co-signing for a portion of the loan. The amount may be up to 50%. So, if a home goes into foreclosure and $50,000 is owed, the VA may cover a maximum of $25,000 on the loan.

Now, no one wants to default on a home loan or enter into foreclosure. Protection from loss, however, is a solid benefit to have just in case a horrible scenario plays out and mortgage payments cannot be made. More likely, the main benefit is the borrower is less of a risk to the lender.

Reduction of Risk

Since the loan is partially backed and the risk is lower, a loan of this nature could be easier to approve. This is not to infer all loan applications are approved. Other factors weigh into the approval process. However, these loans are tailored to veterans meaning the application is going to be slightly different (and more beneficial) to those who served in the armed forces.

No Money Down

VA loans are issued without any money down, which is a massive plus for those who might not a lot of funds available to them. A down payment is frequently a stumbling block to those who otherwise would like to take out a loan. With a VA loan, that stumbling block is removed.

All About Access

If the benefits of a VA loan were to be summarized into one word, the one word would be “access”. Not everyone’s income level is high or financial background perfect enough to be approved for a traditional mortgage. With a VA loan, a host of impediments are removed from those whose access to funds was previously barred.


The Magical Genie Inside Your Television


Genie in a Television

Blink your eyes a few times and your wish is at our command in the form of great new innovative satellite television excitement! Are you looking to enhance your television viewing experience? If you are than get ready for this exciting news you have all your television dreams come true when this Directv Genie comes into your life. So perhaps blinking won’t transport the Major into the bottle but it will allow you to record ” I dream of Jeannie” in the blink of an eye. It allows you to record a whopping five shows at once. So long gone are the days only being able to record one and you had to have it on the television, so no watching other shows. Now you are lucky as can be with this unique ability to record five shows at once in different rooms and share the programming. Never miss another episode of Dallas if JR is your favorite Ewing!

Don’t miss the game

With the ability to watch and record, the viewer is never left stuck in the room unable to watch his favorite sports team, in fact since he is dad let him watch the game live, because spoilers really stink in a game and record the other family favorites from different rooms. It is important that dad doesn’t get stuck as there is no need to be let down with a Directv Genie on the loose. Dad can even watch one game and record another and switch between them. So while this Genie might not have him laughing like the Genie in Aladdin he is still one lucky man. Be glad you don’t have to get up every time you need to change the channel. It is impossible to go wrong with the Genie! Mom can watch her cooking show, dad two of his favorite sports and even peanut can watch her favorite cartoon. It is a win,win situation with the Genie! So go out and get one today as you will be glad you did. In fact even Fido can watch the latest Lassie just stay away from Old Yeller, he might get nightmares. A dog with bad dreams can be a frightening experience.

Let the fun begin

So what are you waiting for? Get on the blower and get your Genie today. This is an awesome way to share your television services.


Black River Imaging and Professional Responsibility


Imaging and print companies have been a necessary component of daily business operations for several decades. Some of these companies have consistently transitioned into new frontiers by embracing emerging technologies and succeeding in remaining relevant to those that need these services. Formerly, it was strictly for routine businesses and their media needs. Today, comprehensive digital imaging companies service artists, designers and professional photographers as much as the routine media needs for standard companies and emerging internet companies.

The quality of these images must be impeccable because they propagate income for those that utilize these types of imaging services. Photographers print with companies like these because of the quality and convenience. There are some companies who have occupied this space for four decades. There could be no more experienced company in the entire field than these companies. Photographers trust their professional reputations with these companies. Longevity is the proof of the type of quality that these imaging companies have consistently been producing for its clientele for their entire printing histories. They respect how the quality of their work is reflected in their product. It is a huge responsibility that they take willingly.

This responsibility extends to artists. They understand that the product of these printing companies must reflect the quality of the artist’s work. If they fail at this task, the artists work is diminished. Printing companies cannot be in business for decades and not accomplish this important task every time. Consistency means that artists can utilize print services and anticipate the outcome. This alleviates the added time in taking multiple attempts to produce quality images to the artist’s exacting standards. Proficient companies use these types of projects as opportunities to assist these artists in their success. Artists trust reputable companies with their careers because they deliver every single time.

Designers utilize printing and imaging services for many different sectors of their businesses. These services are instrumental in producing the type of work that will impress their discerning clientele. Additionally, these companies must carry many other products that bolster the businesses of all the professions services that utilize the business. They also should produce standard items like albums and books as well as custom stationary. These products add that professional thoughtful touch to comprehensive businesses and services.

Touches like these set the company’s clients apart from their competition and presents their businesses and services in the best light. Comprehensive imaging companies facilitate the process and make it available globally with proficient websites like People can further peruse services and access every feature that is available via a physical location on these sites. It also makes a competent support staff available to assist clients through the process of receiving the quality services.


Automotive Lighting Accessories, LED Bulbs


LED bulbs are fast replacing halogen bulbs, as the most reliable automobile lighting accessory. An 1157 LED bulb is used for car lighting, as a cooler running and instant on lighting feature. This type of bulb is a reliable LED light, with a higher output than standard bulbs. Its operating function is cooler, and its lifespan is longer, than most halogens on the market today.

Shopping for Light Bulbs for Your Car

Shopping for car light bulbs is easier today. Automobile lamp lighting includes a cutting edge 1157 LED bulb, with the following specifications:


  • The 1157 is an automotive brand miniature lamp, that shines with a 27/8.3 watt capability.


  • It uses 12.8/14 volts of energy and is an S-8 size bulb.


  • Its base is a double contact bayonet base, and the 1157 is in the C-6 class and filament.


  • The bulb has a diameter of one inch and a length of two inches.


  • This type of bulb comes with an average rated life of 1200 to 5000 running hours.


  • The light is clear, with an incandescent bulb technology. Its candle power is a 32/3 output.


LED Brand Automotive Lighting

The 1157 is made by V-LEDS bulb retailer, based in Bellingham, Washington. The company was established in 2005 and has quickly become one of the leaders in the field of LED lighting.

This style of light can fix your turn signal problems, that include the following:


  • An 1157 can be used to fix your hyper flashing problem.


  • No flashing can be a security issue and can be dangerous as well. No flashing and burned out light bulbs can be replaced with a brighter and better LED bulb.


  • The automotive bulbs are easy to install, since they come with a plug and play installation ability.


  • A gen2 base adapter is available for the 1157. The correction allows you to use this style of bulb, with additional cars and applications.


  • A 2 pin electronic LED flasher blinker fix kit is available. The kit includes additional tools, to help with your 1157 installation.


LED Replacement Bulbs for Your Car

LED replacement bulbs can solve your turn signal problems and no flashing light issues. Car turn signals are a requirement in most jurisdictions. Having a car end light burned out needs immediate attention, since other drivers can not detect your turn indications. Miniature bulbs are available, that can be quickly and easily installed by your local automobile dealer or repair services. The automotive lamps can be ordered, with free shipping for orders over a certain amount. Call or check online for this economical standard automobile light bulb.


Monitoring Security Systems provided by Alarm Relay


Alarm Relay is a company that offers alarm monitoring services for private individuals and businesses that have security systems. Top quality service and assistance is made available every hour of the day. Alarm Relay has been available since 1972. The client information can be obtained under they do not supply the systems, but they provide the monthly central station monitoring.

The services provided are fast, accurate and not just about advanced technology, but services are handled and accompanied by dedicated and talented professionals. The interesting fact is that the company does not just communicate directly with their clients, they communicate with each other to ensure all protection is provided and services provided are guaranteed for a prolonged period of time. The company is known to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating.

One of the advanced services that are offered is email notifications received and clients are excited about these actions. Clients do receive a call as well as an email when the alarm goes off. Customers do receive an alarm report monthly from their home or place of business. The history reflects what activity the central station received, when it was received and how the alarm was handled. Obtaining the account information is simple. You have the log only information which consists of information about every time the system is armed or disarmed. You can also receive a copy of the month’s history by mail or email at the end of the month. The choice is yours.

Fire monitoring is offered to all The Alarm’s residential accounts. The commercial accounts do receive and require a separate Fire system. Each city and county has different ordinances and it is imperative that the Fire Panels meet the Fire Code requirements set by the local Fire Marshall. The BoldNet Access provides all the customers the ability to access their accounts via the internet. They can view their alarm activity, history, make any necessary changes and print any reports. Cellular monitoring is used as a reliable form of back-up.

The company’s pricing is very simple; it is on an annual subscription basis. Basic monitoring is billed monthly plus a one-time Administration Fee which includes programming the system. The aim is to provide the best low cost security options available. Awareness of all safety tips are encouraged for safety purposes. Knowing how to operate the system during emergency situations or when in a panic mode is recommended.

For all the times when an individual is unable to watch their property and individual presence is not there to deter any intruders, one can always depend on the services provided by the security monitoring company.


Why Buy a Custom Embroidered Polo Shirt


Are you thinking about getting a mens embroidered shirt? There are many reasons to get a custom embroidered Polo shirt for men and women. Many people and businesses are getting custom embroidered Polo shirts made. Getting a custom embroidered Polo shirt or golf shirt is a great way to advertise your business. You can design your own Polo or golf shirts online at good prices. You can personalize men’s and women’s Polo shirts with many different colors and logos. You can do this all from the comfort of your home too. You can create your own design or use logos and designs from online databases. Custom embroidered shirts are also great for golf tournaments and meetings. Another reason to get custom embroidered shirts is for casual Fridays for your staff. You can personalize it with names, numbers, logos and art.

Youth embroidered Polo shirts are great for the children’s sports teams. Another great reason to get a custom embroidered Polo shirt is to get somebody a gift that is exactly what they like! You can customize it exactly how the person likes it, and give it to them as a gift. You could also give them away at an event such as a charitable event, or you could give them away at a fair to advertise your business. These shirts are also great for a gulf outing. It will feel great to be wearing that perfect design you like while gulfing with your friends or colleagues. You can look sharp and professional while sporting your favorite design or advertising your business!

There are a few good websites that you can order your custom embroidered Polo shirt at. is a good one that can get your shirts done in just two weeks. It can be done in one week for an extra charge and even faster for another extra charge. They have already printed more than 30 million shirts, so they have a lot of experience. They have over 10,000 images to choose from for your shirt in their online database. They also have an online font library for you to use. is another great place to get your custom embroidered Polo shirt, and they can get it to you in as few as three days. They have a high-quality Polo shirt that’s made of 100% ring spun cotton that will keep you cool and comfortable. The shirts are already pre-shrunk, so they will fit you perfectly. The great thing about is that you can order small quantities as well. The price is $14.99 for orders of 1-5 shirts, and the price goes down to $13.88 for an order of at least 51 shirts. The color white is included, but the other colors cost an extra $3.74 each. There are a lot of reasons to get a custom embroidered Polo shirt.


Landscape Lighting is Important for Your Backyard Events


Summer is coming and the weather is warming up which means it is time begin hosting parties in your backyard. When the summer evenings are warm, a backyard cookout is a really great event to hold with some of your closest friends.

During your event planning, you need to be ready for when the sun sets on your event and it gets dark. It is important to have the right type of professional lighting in your backyard set up for attractive outdoor lighting. There are several lighting systems to choose from, all equally as attractive. It just depends upon what type of look you want your backyard to have in the evening and later.

Solar Lights
When your guests arrive you want them to be able to see their way down your pathway. You also want your guests to be able to walk around your backyard and you can’t always count on the moonlight to be out. A porch light is effective, but the glare from a bright porch light is not a comfortable or attractive lighting choice. This is why you need affordable solar lights lining your pathways and yard edges. Solar lights are recharged each day while the shines so that they can emit their constant glow at night. The best part is solar lights don’t need ground wiring for them to work which gives you the flexibility to stake them into the ground wherever you like.

Water Lights
If your backyard includes a pool or a water feature pond, adding some floating lights will provide a relaxing glow to most backyard events. LED bulbs allow your water lights to brighten your landscaping and surroundings without using too much energy. LED lights last longer than traditional bulbs and stay cool to the touch which adds an aspect of safety to your guests and any small children attending.

String Lights
String lights also come in an affordable LED option to cut down on electrical costs while still giving you the safe, bright glow for your outdoor event. You can hang string lights from the underside of your table umbrellas and porch awnings so that when the sun sets your backyard comes alive with all of the tiny lights strung above your guests. Another attractive option for string lights with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is to hang them among some tree branches or stretching across your backyard.

However you decide to illuminate your backyard for your outdoor events and for your landscaping design, a professional lighting designer such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can give you the best choices and service.


Remembering a Family Vacation

Remembering a Family Vacation

Every family vacation leaves people with lasting memories. A trip to see the wonder of the Grand Canyon gives children a sense of the true miracles of the Earth. Even that family trip where the cousins gossiped about you fear of falling off the cruise ship leave irreplaceable memories. You even bought the newest most expensive model 9000 digital camera. You have pictures, videos, and images running out your ears. What happens to these fingerprints from your vacation when you get home? Do they become retired to the back of the junk drawer on a memory stick sure to become obsolete in the next five years.
People want their memories to have that special image for a lifetime, not until the next vacation comes around. What do you want to happen to your memories? Do they collect dust, or become a talking point for each person who asks about your trip? Will you have the energy to describe each picture in detail about the how, when, where, and why of each picture taken? Maybe you will print them out to do something artistic with the photos.Sadly you don’t have time to create a fantastic collage from gluesticks, yarn, and bubble wrap. Before you know it, you have returned from vacation, and only your mind contains those memories. You start to settle in from the long exciting vacation when it happens.
Your coworker calls on the phone. Her voice is annoying, and seething with jealousy. She wants to know where you went. Where did you have the tire blow out at? Did you see anyone famous? Where are the pictures? She practically begs you to bring them to work. No doubt her comments will show her disdain for your joy. You have to make it better. You must do something that will last. You don’t want to recount your vacation word for word until the end of time. You tell your coworker you will send her some photos, and you hang up the phone.
You sit on the computer and pull up your browser. What do you do? Should you simply email the photos with a brief caption? It’s far too boring. You type picture collage maker online into the search bar. You strike gold! In minutes you are creating a collage of all your memories. Your photos begin to tell the story of your vacation. So many backgrounds and frames to choose from make your heart speed up while you laugh thinking about all the fun times. The project you dreaded evolves into a masterpiece that thrills you when it’s completed. The last caption bubble goes in, and the collage beams with your pride. The printer shoots out fabulous copies of the images. Seven digital versions get emailed to the family members too obsessed with work to attend another family vacation. Your smile silently with triumph written across your face.
The multiple collages created in a few minutes from your last day off smile back at you. Each collage tells the story of another part of the trip. Your collages could become a massive chronological collage for years to come. Your coworkers surely will marvel at your creation.
Thinking about your coworkers makes you send a digital copy now, and then facebook finishes uploading a few digital versions of your collage. Who wins this game now? Your pictures and memories will live on by all who see them. Your story spans across time into the future as presents and wishes for another family vacation. Who knew it was so easy? A simple google search for picture collage maker online brought all this joy into your life. No go out and have another vacation each day of your life. Every day holds some wonder waiting for an explorer to capture it. Take an adventure, take a family vacation. Your memories will not collect dust in a junk drawer. They will survive.


Basics of Drain Cleaning


Chances are that everyone who is reading this article has experienced a clog in their kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink, or shower at some point in their life. These are annoying little events that sometimes can happen frequently requiring a test of our patience to fix the minor issue. There are many reasons why things get clogged up. Most likely, there is a buildup of stuff that has accumulated over time and now water has a difficult time of flowing freely through the drain. This can be a build up of your hair in the event that your shower is clogged, or can be a build up of food in the event that your kitchen sink is clogged. The important thing is to know what to do if you have a clog so that you can remain calm and fix it effectively hopefully avoiding future issues.

First of all determine where the clog is. If you have metal pipes, consider pouring boiling hot water down the drain to see if it’ll unclog with this less obtrusive approach. If this doesn’t work, perhaps try using a plunger if you have one laying around. Remember to use quick and sharp plunges in order to most effectively try to rid the drain of its clog. Suppose the clog is being a bit pesky and those attempts aren’t working. Then pour some baking soda down the drain, making sure to get it as far down the drain as possible. Once you have sufficient baking soda down the drain, pour some vinegar down the drain as well. The vinegar will mix with the baking soda and start bubbling and fizzing. If you are finding that your sink is still clogged, try pouring some laundry bleach down the drain once the baking soda and vinegar has stopped fizzing. Let the bleach sit in the drain for about an hour or so then run some warm water down the drain. Hopefully one of these two ideas works if you have a minor clog, and chances are you have these materials already in your home, so it is nice and convenient.

If your clog is still being persistent, perhaps you have a more heavy duty issue and you can purchase drain cleaner from the store such as Drano to better break down the build up of junk causing the clog. Follow the instructions on the bottle to know how to use the product. These products are inexpensive and also easy ways to solve clogs. If none of the above ideas work, and you feel like pulling out your hair by this point, contact a professional plumber to come in and save the day. Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is your solution. They have extensive experience in fixing both large and small plumbing issues as well as drain cleaning to ensure your pipes are happy. You rely on your drains to effective remove unwanted waste from your home. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your drains, the whole system will work much better. So if you can’t remember the last time you checked up on your drains, perhaps it would be a wise idea to go do some tune up today! 


Filing a Mechanics Lien

Filing a Mechanics Lien

If you are anything like me, you can’t wait to live in a home. My husband and I have been married two years, and our goal is to be able to purchase something in another year, so after three years of marriage. If you are anything like me, you have imagined your whole life growing up what your dream house will some day be. I know that I have sat down dozens of times and drawn out floor plans, thought about decorations, and dreamed about what I’d love my house to look like when I get older.

A great option to get everything you want in a home is to build. That being said, it is important to find and contract a builder who understands your vision. Furthermore, you want someone who is very good at their job and knows what they are doing. Someone you can share your ideas with and know the job will get done right the first time. Someone who values time and makes sure to stay on schedule in as much as they are physically able to. You have your dream home in your mind or perhaps on paper and you need something to physically bring it to life.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the equation for a minute. Let’s say you are a contractor who has just completed building a home, and unfortunately you aren’t getting paid for the work you have completed. I’m sure this not only frustrates you, but it may be a problem financially since you probably need the money that you were supposed to receive for the project for financial obligations. Fear not, there is hope for you because you can file a Mechanics lien. This means you are gaining a security interest in the title to property you helped to improve.

In fact, Utah Mechanics Lien is a great starting point. Quick Lien is there to help you in this particular situation. They understand that you need to be paid in a timely manner and will help you to get the money you are entitled to receive for your services. It doesn’t matter if the job you completed was for a major construction, a small remodel, electric work, or even just some landscaping they will help you get your rightful payment. Their staff is knowledgeable about the laws governing this particular type of situation and are willing and ready to assist you get the compensation that is rightfully yours for the services you performed. They have even made the filing process efficient so it would behoove you to work with them instead of treading this unknown water alone. You need to make sure the lien is filed properly or else it might not go through. That is where a professional can help. If you are in dire circumstances and need the money ASAP, you can even have this company put a rush on the service and have a resolution a whole lot faster. Hopefully you will never be in this boat, but if you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, call someone today!