Need a Last Minute Gag Gift Idea?

Need a Last Minute Gag Gift Idea?

It seems like gag gifts over the years have gained more and more popularity. Gag gifts tend to be little and inexpensive by nature and are intended to get a laugh out of the receiver of the gag gift. In most cases these gifts are impractical, but that is their purpose. They are usually bought on the spur of the moment when an individual sees something that brings to mind a memory of someone, usually related to an inside joke. I love when I see something at a store which reminds me of a good memory I share with a friend. I tend to get these little gifts often, as it shows my friends that I am thinking about them and our relationship. Since these are a different and unique kind of gift, there isn’t real etiquette that goes along with when you should give these gifts to others. There is no holiday associated with them, or any particular rules you should adhere to when engaging in this activity. However it is important to keep in mind the gift receiver’s feelings. You don’t want to give them anything offensive or something that might hurt their feelings. While it is fun to joke around, it is never good to intentionally hurt another person. Focus on an individual’s special talents or hobbies they enjoy when considering what gag gift suits best.

A fun idea for an avid golfer might be gag golf balls. These are balls that have a mind of their own and the player has no ideas what’ll happen next. Wouldn’t it be funny if the person didn’t know they were rigged and just got up to the tee to hit them? What a surprise they’d be in for. Another idea for someone who can’t live without their morning cup of coffee is a coffee scented air freshener for their car. This would allow them to always smell those sweet aromas that they so crave. For a friend who is in the hospital, one might consider buying fuzzy bunny slippers which will get a laugh from whoever sees them and bring smiles to a seemingly dismal situation. Who knows, laughter might even help the patient to recover quicker. For Christmas my brother teamed up with one of my parent’s friends and created a custom calendar of embarrassing photos for my dad’s present. It was pretty hysterical. Some other ideas of gag gifts that work for women include: a ladies tool kit, your photo in Andy Warhol style, themed measuring cup sets, crochet headphones or a go away doormat. Some ides of gag gifts that work for men include: a rubber belt, ceramic coffee mugs, recycled speakers, wetsuit Ipad sleeve or dog tags. A fun idea for anyone is a crazy and obnoxious cell phone cover. This is especially funny if the individual has a large phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note because the cases are huge. If you are looking for a case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then you are in luck. They have all sorts of designs for cases in a variety of colors.

So whatever the gag gift make sure it is given in friendly jest and makes the person smile. These gifts can help to make someone’s day and solidify your friendship.


Great Places for Family Vacations


There is no better time to tighten those family bonds and add great memories than family vacation time. Whether it is a two week holiday on the seaside, a winter adventure in the mountain or a trip around Europe`s main attractions, quality time spent with your family is one of those things you cannot neglect in life. With all the information on the internet nowadays, it is really easy and fun to research for the ideal vacation offer out there. Following are some suggestions of places that you surely won`t regret visiting:

Greece can be the closest to a perfect summer vacation you will ever get. With around 3000 islands, no matter how many times you head to this country, there will always be another one to explore. It makes for the perfect family destination simply because there are many things to do for every generation and occasion. The traditional taverns with great food and stunning views are a great place for family dinners, the night life on the majority of the islands is already world famous, and the variety of boat trips and local sightseeing tours you and your family can take part in will surely create great memories you will keep for the rest of your lives.

  • The mountains of Colorado.

If you and your family are quite the mountain bunch, you cannot go wrong with Colorado. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking and anything mountain inspired is at it`s best in this state which is the home to no less than 26 ski resorts. Some of the most adventurous things that you as a family can do is to take Colorado`s famous zipline course at Royal Gorge with 11 breathtaking lines achieving speed of up to 55 mph. No other way to better experience the wild untouched beauty of the country than through a bird`s eye perspective and kids are guaranteed to have the best days of their lives in a “Indiana Jones”-like adventure such as this one.

  • Family retreat in the Caribbean.

Barbados, Bahamas or any other corner of the Caribbean seas will definitely make for a perfect spot of relaxation and family fun. There are literally tons of things to do. From swimming with sea turtles in the Cayman Islands, enjoying in one of the many resort and spa centers, taking diving lessons with your kids, to having fun in one of the many water park resorts, the Caribbean Islands with their diversity in outdoor activities can be your next big family adventure. Most of the resorts have great kids friendly activity centers for your little ones and still there are a lot of clubs and cafes that make for a great nightlife that adults can enjoy in.


Tips for Surviving a Hot Climate Mission: Sisters


Before I get into the gist of this post, it’s important to point out that my experience with serving in a hot climate mission was in Tucson, Arizona. The type of heat there is very different from the heat in Florida, or the heat in South Asia. So, the tips I include might not apply to every hot climate. However, if you’re serving somewhere hot and dry, these tips might help you out:

  1. Start preparing before you get there. The clothes you pack for your mission are extremely important to pay attention to. Make sure that you not only buy appropriate clothes in terms of modesty and aligning with mission guidelines, but that you buy skirts and dresses made out of light fabric and light colors.  Look for Sister Missionary Tops that are breathable and that aren’t too restrictive in terms of movement and fit. You’ll thank me for it.
  2. Make applying sun block part of your daily routine. This particularly applies to your face and arms. The sun can not only burn your skin, but can do a lot of damage if it’s not protected for a year and a half of nearly constant exposure to sunlight. I would recommend Neutrogena’s products as they’re much less oily and easier on your skin than other brands out there. Their Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen saved me.
  3. Modify your hair. Having your hair off of your neck and out of your face is a great way to adapt to and bear the heat. I would recommend getting a short haircut, avoid getting bangs, or simply bring a large supply of hair ties to make sure your hair is up and out of your way.
  4. Drink hot chocolate, not hot water. This tip is slightly obscure, and it might sound crazy, but it’s something I “invented” on my mission. It was important that we drink a lot of water each day, but because we didn’t get to stop at home and grab refrigerated water, our water would heat up in the car. Drinking hot water wasn’t appealing to me, so I just started bringing hot chocolate packets with me every morning. When the water got too hot for me to stand drinking plain, I would simply pour the packet of hot chocolate in, shake it up, and drink myself some delicious hot chocolate.  True, this is only really effective if you serve in a mission with cars in which the water can heat up enough, but it’s a lifesaver if you do.

Hopefully these tips help. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard. Being out in the heat all day every day can be dangerous if you don’t drink enough water, rest when you need to, and stop every once in a while to gauge how your body is doing. Good luck, and if you’re ever at your wits end and feeling like you’re going to melt into nothingness, remember that this too shall pass.


Saving Money by Using an Ipad to Take Payments

Saving Money by Using an Ipad to Take Payments

There is an App for that. Really there is. It seems there is an app for almost anything these days. Businesses are even reaping the benefits of using iPad kiosk apps to manage sales and much more. These apps have the ability to show a menu or even take a payment. So many things are developing with business applications and smart phones or tablets that it may be hard to keep up.

How would an app made for a restaurant work to make business easier?

Digital Menu and Ordering

Almost everyone has a tablet, iPhone or iPad with them all the time. Making your menu available on these devices via an app like an iPad kiosk will wow your customers. Customers can look at the menu and submit their order before they even arrive to dine, saving time and ultimately money. The guests will not spend as much time waiting for their food if it is pre ordered before they get there, freeing up their table faster for the next customer to come in and eat.

Your menu can be even more attractive and easy to browse with an app for your restaurant. Daily specials can be front and center, eliminating the need for the wait staff to remember what the specials are.

Patrons can mark items so that they are in a favorites list. They can publicly rate them so their friends can see what great food they are getting at your restaurant. The menu is easy to navigate and choose items. Anyone can do it.
Customers will share your place on their favorite social networks, blogs and other media, all from an app on their mobile device. In business circles, this in called word of mouth advertising, using a restaurant app puts word of mouth on steroids.

It is easy to announce specials and deals using a mobile application. With just one edit and share, your days special can be announced to everyone who follows you. Mobile apps are taking business more places with greater ease and success.

Processing Payments

Paying for their dinner is a breeze with an iPad kiosk. Their bill shows up at the time they order, they can simply click and pay. Leaving a tip for the server is just as simple as this can be added at the time of payment. Some apps allow payment through most methods including, debit card, credit card and even Pay Pal.


How to Deal With a Motorcycle Accident

How to Deal with a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can be a horrible ordeal. It is unfortunate that motorcycle accidents are increasing, and some of these are serious or even deadly. If for any reason, you are in a motorcycle accident, whether you are at fault or not, you may need help. Your first and second step should be to make sure you have no immediate bodily injury and to call your insurance adjuster. But depending on how serious the accident is, the next person you call may need to be a motorcycle injury lawyer. The following are steps you need to follow immediately after a motorcycle accident.

1- Wait for emergency care workers, police and your insurance adjuster. Don’t leave the scene of the crime if your injuries don’t require it.
2- Be sure to get the names and addresses of everyone involved in the accident.
3- Get the same information from any witnesses who may have been at the scene of the crime.
4- Make notes and take pictures of damage and of any injuries
5- Contact your insurance company again, especially if they didn’t send out an adjuster.
6- Contact a motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as you can, especially if there where physical injuries.

How Do I Find the Right Attorney?
Knowing what to look for ahead of time will help you know exactly what to do after an accident. However, if you have had an accident then knowing where to find an attorney can help. The best place to start your search is online. Look for a reliable and well known personal injury lawyer in your area.

However, choosing an attorney takes a little more work than simply selecting the first lawyer you see online. Look for an attorney that has experience in motorcycle injuries, one that has been working in the field for a number of years.

Read reviews about the different attorneys you are considering. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether any complaints have been filed against the attorney. You can also check this with your local Bar Association.

Make an Appointment
Call two or three attorneys who look promising and make a first appointment. Most attorneys offer an initial consultation for free. Explain your situation and find out what the attorney thinks he can do for you. Visit to or three attorneys and choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.


Great Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentines Day is a beautiful day to show love. It is traditional for lovers and spouses to exchange gifts showing their appreciation of each other. Usually, 14k Gold Pendants are a great option. Traditionally heart shaped to show love and the meaning of the day these beautiful pendants are treasured for their beauty.

Any woman would be delighted to receive a 14k Gold Pendant in a heart shape for Valentines Day. These necklaces can be in a locket that opens to show photos of her loved one. They have them also as bracelets with dangling gold or silver charms.

To celebrate Valentines Day make it special with red roses in a bouquet. Or you could give a heart shaped box of special chocolates that she loves. Another suggestion is to take her out for a lovely dinner. Several places have Valentines Day dinners. One of those is the new fondue places nearby. Not only is the food delicious but its fun as well.

Valentines Day should be romantic for the two of you. Put aside the regular chores and issues of the day and just be together. Exchange loving cards to each other with special notes inside and toast the evening together with champagne.

With so many blended families now days its a good idea to maybe give a token of unity on Valentines Day. Do give chocolates to each child and let them see that you remembered their mother with a 14k Gold Pendant. Every time she wears it the beauty of her smile will warm your heart.

Its also a loving gesture if you have an elderly mother to remember them on this day. Do visit and take them a token of love. A gold pendant locket that holds photos of her grandchildren will be treasured.

14k Gold Pendants are always the perfect gift. It shows the world that you love her. It is heart shaped and warms against her skin. It will reflect the light that twinkles in her eyes when she unwraps it.

When looking for gold pendants notice the differences in each style. Some have small diamonds in the center of the heart while others have detailed edges. There are many sizes to choose from. The larger ones open for the photos that you can add. The smaller ones are perfect with every outfit.

Valentines Day is a great time to show your loved one that you cherish them.


What to Do If Your Pet is Sick

What to Do If Your Pet is Sick

If you are like me, you absolutely love dogs. In fact, my family has a dog that we love so much he is basically like another brother to us kids, and a son to my parents. It is so fun to see how he acts on a daily basis and how humanlike he really is. But sometimes he can get sick which is never fun. So what should you do if your pet is sick? First of all it is important to recognize what your dog looks and acts like when they are healthy. That way, when they are acting strange, chances are that you can assume they are sick. Healthy dogs breath approximately 15-20 times per minute, have clean smelling ears, bright eyes and a shiny coat of fur.

Chances are some of the following will occur when your dog is sick, so be on the lookout. Your dog might have red, swollen eyes. Your dog might have a runny or crusty nose. Your dog might overly scratch at their ears, and your dog might have a change in body weight. These are just some of many signs that your dog might be not feeling well. If you notice any or all of these symptoms you might want to take your dog to an animal hospital.

Hamilton Road Animal Hospital is a great option if you live in or around Columbus. They have regular vet services such as spaying or bathing your pet as well as emergency vet services for when your precious pet isn’t feeling well. Furthermore they suggest some preventative car measures for your pets in order to keep them healthy and strong. Something you should consider is yearly vaccinations against health conditions that animals face. Another type of preventative care to consider is animal vaccinations against things such as parasites and heartworms. Just like humans benefit from vaccinations, so can our pets. So if you find that your pet is sick, give your pet some extra tender loving care and try to get to a vet or animal hospital just as fast as you can to help get them feeling better.


Programming in Java with an SDK: From the Simple to the Sophisticated


The Java programming language has a long and popular history dating back to 1995, when it was developed by Sun Microsystems. Today it’s owned by Oracle and remains very popular for several reasons. Its compiled programs can run on any hardware, using a Java runtime environment (RTE) called a virtual machine. It’s often used for adding interactive software to web pages using applets. Oracle provides both the RTE and Java software development kit (SDK) downloads for free under the open GNU General Pubic License. Java is a completely object oriented language, consisting of classes and instances of classes. This structure lends itself very well to graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for development very well, with drag and drop creation, and visual representations of subclass trees.

One Java software development that offers an uncomplicated learning-centered interface is Greenfoot. This kit is often used in classes for learning programming in schools and colleges, and is designed to easily create interactions and games on a 2D field. The central paradigm makes use of a World class and an Actor class, automatically generated preset instances of Java classes. The user adds Actors to the World and assigns them various behaviors and reactions. The subclasses are represented in an easy to navigate tree. Setting up keyboard controls, graphic sprites and behaviors for simple 2D games is then done with code within each subclass.

One very commonly needed interface is a form. They’re used for contact information, password access, e-commerce, and event registrations, to name a few. For these, Google offers WindowBuilder SDK, which creates forms that can be used in web pages or as standalone applications. With a drag and drop interface for making panels, buttons, input fields, and checkboxes, this Java software development kit can handle complex or simple forms that can write to a database or retrieve data from an API. Built-in wizards let you quickly create many specific types of projects.

Oracle itself offers its own Java software development kit for professionals called the Java Development Kit (JDK). It is available for both the Standard and Enterprise Editions of Java. This complete environment can support the creation of any kind of applications, applets and/or components for other things like web pages. Oracle also provides an integrated development environment (IDE) called NetBeans, which supports multi-language development as well as Java, and simplifies network operations, using JavaBeans (re-usable components) and processing XML. The JDK can be also used with other popular IDEs like Eclipse.

The choice of a SDK or development environment depends on the project goals, the requirements of the programmer and their skill level.


When To Seek Help From A Cardiac Center

When To Seek Help From A Cardiac Center

If you’re someone with a history of heart disease or realize your health is fragile, then knowing when to seek help from a cardiac center can save your life. It’s especially important to understand the symptoms of an active heart attack so that you will know to call 911 within five minutes.

Calling a 911 operator will allow them to dispatch an emergency response team quickly. Besides being specifically trained to treat patients experiencing a heart attack, the ambulance team can get you to the hospital faster than if you drove yourself or if someone else drove. The bottom line is, it’s extremely dangerous to do any activity while suffering cardiac arrest symptoms.

Before your heart condition worsens to the point of emergency, it would be wise to visit a cardiac care facility. One of the best places on the east coast to seek help is the NYU Cardiac Center. They have some of the best doctors in the country to treat patients before and during cardiac arrest to prevent damage to the heart muscle.

However, it’s always best to take of yourself before it gets to the point of hospitalization. So knowing the common physical symptoms to look for could help to save your life and of those of your loved ones. For example, one of the most common symptoms of the early stages of cardiac problems starts with arrhythmic heartbeats (uneven heartbeats). If the arrhythmic heartbeats last a minute or more and then increase in intensity it’s imperative to seek medical treatment right away.

Unfortunately, many arrhythmias have no demonstrable external signs. However, the most common external symptoms are a slow heartbeat, a fluttering heartbeat, short pauses between heartbeats and palpitations. Palpitations can be described as having feelings of a skipped heartbeats or the heart beating too hard or fast.

As symptoms of arrythmia move into a later stage then and last long enough then it begins to affect how well the heart works. Serious signs and symptoms of arrhythmia are severe chest pain, overwhelming anxiety, dizziness, feeling faint or actually fainting, extreme fatigue and developing a headache or experiencing light-headedness.

As the arrhythmia continues you will probably find that your heart will start to pound and your heartbeat will increase to the point where you’ll have shortness of breath, profuse sweating and a sense of physical weakness. This is extremely serious and a trip to a place like NYU Cardiac Center is in order immediately.

Once you’ve experienced these severe symptoms and made a trip to the emergency room, surgery is a necessary consequence. After you’ve had such surgery, there is still reason to be extremely wary. There are more symptoms to look for after a heart operation that you should look for. If you start to develop a fever of over 100 °F this could be a sign you’re developing an infection.

Be on the look out for excessive redness or swelling in the incision area. This could lead to a yellowish drainage fluid that smells bad which could also mean there is a separation of the incision. If your pain medicine stops helping the pain or if you start to have fatigue that doesn’t leave even after adequate rest call your heart surgeon immediately.

There are other more innocuous seeming symptoms that could take you by surprise. If you consistently become short of breath, have continual coughing, have difficulty breathing in general, have swelling in the ankles, feet and legs or gain or lose 5 or more pounds in less than 3 days then these are signs you should see your doctor right away.


Dressing Modestly: A Positive Perspective

Dressing Modestly: A Positive Perspective

How we dress has an important impact on how we are perceived and treated in society. Consider for instance a job interview, where first impressions are based primarily on how we physically appear. If you waltz into a corporate job interview wearing a club dress, do you think you would be considered as a serious candidate? Not-so-obvious flaws in otherwise appropriate outfits can also trigger the same effect. Not only does our clothing choice reflect our cleanliness and the effort we put in, but it can also subtly cause reactions in those around us. These reactions can occur at a subconscious level, where the unnoticed and unintended aspects of your clothing choice may form a negative image of you in your company’s mind. There are a couple of ways to make sure that you are utilizing these small triggers to ensure a positive image of yourself.


The most important aspect is a question you must ask yourself every time you finish dressing for an occasion: Am I dressed appropriately? Consider what others will be wearing, as well as the location, weather, function, company, and time of year. Verifying that your outfit doesn’t fail any of those categories prevents unnecessary trouble down the line. Being the only one in black tie at a barbeque is not just tacky, it is especially uncomfortable for the individual.

A less obvious matter of distaste comes in the form of modesty. What you are wearing can say a lot about your confidence and self-esteem, though pushing the boundary too far can cause others to see you as ‘trashy’ or immodest. Consider again a workplace environment. A boss may show off her collar bones with a wide-necked blouse and be viewed as strong and professional, while maintaining a certain approachability. That her clothes do not block her in makes her come across as more friendly. However, if the top delves down a little more and shows a little more of her skin or cleavage, it can have the opposite effect. She may lose some of the respect of her employees and colleagues by coming across as less serious and far less professional. Dressing modestly and appropriately is key.

Even with the aforementioned factors taken well into consideration, an outfit can go wrong simply by being ill-fitting. Wearing clothes that are too loose make us appear frumpy and unkempt, while clothes that are too tight show parts of us the world may not be ready to see. This is important for those of us that aren’t in our physical prime. Trying to cover that extra 10 pounds with large clothing can make us look that much larger. This is not to say that clothes must be expensive to look the best on us, and quite to the contrary. With simple sewing skills, a piece of decorative fabric can be made into cheap skirts with that tailor-made fit. Second-hand shops and irregular clothing outlets are also ways to pinch pennies when it comes to shopping, as long as you have the ability to alter clothes that may need a little help.

There are no limits in expressing your individual clothing style when you consider the importance of modesty and how you are perceived in the eyes of others. With these tips, you can push the boundaries while maintaining a positive image of yourself.