Automotive Lighting Accessories, LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are fast replacing halogen bulbs, as the most reliable automobile lighting accessory. An 1157 LED bulb is used for car lighting, as a cooler running and instant on lighting feature. This type of bulb is a reliable LED light, with a higher output than standard bulbs. Its operating function is cooler, and its lifespan is longer, than most halogens on the market today.

Shopping for Light Bulbs for Your Car

Shopping for car light bulbs is easier today. Automobile lamp lighting includes a cutting edge 1157 LED bulb, with the following specifications:


  • The 1157 is an automotive brand miniature lamp, that shines with a 27/8.3 watt capability.


  • It uses 12.8/14 volts of energy and is an S-8 size bulb.


  • Its base is a double contact bayonet base, and the 1157 is in the C-6 class and filament.


  • The bulb has a diameter of one inch and a length of two inches.


  • This type of bulb comes with an average rated life of 1200 to 5000 running hours.


  • The light is clear, with an incandescent bulb technology. Its candle power is a 32/3 output.


LED Brand Automotive Lighting

The 1157 is made by V-LEDS bulb retailer, based in Bellingham, Washington. The company was established in 2005 and has quickly become one of the leaders in the field of LED lighting.

This style of light can fix your turn signal problems, that include the following:


  • An 1157 can be used to fix your hyper flashing problem.


  • No flashing can be a security issue and can be dangerous as well. No flashing and burned out light bulbs can be replaced with a brighter and better LED bulb.


  • The automotive bulbs are easy to install, since they come with a plug and play installation ability.


  • A gen2 base adapter is available for the 1157. The correction allows you to use this style of bulb, with additional cars and applications.


  • A 2 pin electronic LED flasher blinker fix kit is available. The kit includes additional tools, to help with your 1157 installation.


LED Replacement Bulbs for Your Car

LED replacement bulbs can solve your turn signal problems and no flashing light issues. Car turn signals are a requirement in most jurisdictions. Having a car end light burned out needs immediate attention, since other drivers can not detect your turn indications. Miniature bulbs are available, that can be quickly and easily installed by your local automobile dealer or repair services. The automotive lamps can be ordered, with free shipping for orders over a certain amount. Call or check online for this economical standard automobile light bulb.