Motorcycle Innovations and Why You Might Need Them

Motorcycle Innovations and Why You Might Need Them

It seems that technology is changing the world we live in right under our very eyes. This is no exception in the world of motorcycles either. There are some cool innovations to consider. UClear is a unique company that offers some neat products. Let’s start with their innovations for powersports. They have the HBC 100 Plus and the HBC 200.

The HBC 100 Plus allows riders to have unprecedented communication with other riders that is crystal clear no matter how quickly you are driving. It can also offer great music at an incredible clarity for your enjoyment on the road. The HBC 200 is an intercom system for riders to communicate with one another. Depending on the condition of the weather it can have a radius of up to 700 meters for two riders, and even adds an additional 700 meters when a third rider is added to the group.

What is pretty incredible is that if you have four riders all tuned in the radius can be up to 1.3 miles, that’s pretty cool considering when I was younger our walkie talkies didn’t work for someone standing next door. If snow is more your thing, then UClear has products for you as well. The HBC 120 is a snow helmet communicator. It is wireless, hands free and allows the user to hear other’s voices perfectly clear while suppressing the noise of wind. The HBC 220 is a communication system that allows up to 10 different riders to be tuned in together. Pretty cool. The HBC 120 Plus is great because it actually eliminates all background noise so voices on either end can be heard super well. Last but not least, they have some great products for bicyclists as well.

The HBC 130 is a boomless, microphone helmet communicator. It allows the bicyclist to make a call, intercom another rider, or simply listen to music all while not stopping pedaling. The HBC 230 is great so that a large group of bicyclists can ride together and all be tuned in. So look at some of these products if you find technological advances interesting and like either powersports, snow sports, or bicycling.


Must Haves for a Helmet

Must Haves or a Helmet

How To Choose The Right Helmet

Helmets are a cyclist’s only line of defense in an accident so choosing one that is appropriate for your style of riding and fits properly is extremely important. There are several factors to keep in mind when purchasing a helmet to make sure the highest level of safety possible is attained.

Selecting the correct style of helmet is the first step in buying one. The three basic styles of helmets cater to different risks and sports. The sport, or multi-use, style is the most popular choice by recreational bike riders, inline skaters, and skateboarders and is also the most economical of the three styles. The road bike helmet is geared towards motorcyclists and more serious bicyclists and offers a light weight, aerodynamic design. Finally the mountain bike style offers good ventilation at slow speeds, increased rear head coverage, and visors if preferred.

The second step to making sure a helmet will function properly is to determine that it fits correctly. Sport helmets generally come in one adjustable size. Adjustable helmets can offer proper protection if adjusted correctly. Most adjustable helmets will have a size adjustor wheel on the back. A rider should loosen the helmet before placing it on their head. Once in place, tighten the wheel until a snug fit is achieved. The helmet should sit level on the head and not tilt backwards. The front edge should be no more than one inch above the eyebrows to ensure that the forehead is appropriately protected. The last step is to adjust the chin strap to secure the helmet in place. Helmets that come in sizes are usually sold in small, medium, large and extra large. A rider can determine their appropriate size by wrapping a tape measure around their head approximately one inch above the eyebrows. Buy a helmet in the coordinating size with the number measurement.

Keep in mind that helmets are designed as a single-use item. This means that once a helmet has been involved in a crash or an accident, it should be discarded and replaced with a new one even if it does not appear to have any damage. If a helmet makes it to five years old with no crashes, it is recommended that it be replaced. It is never recommended to purchase a used helmet. Used helmets may have been involved in an accident and no longer able to properly protect a person. Keeping these tips in mind, a rider can feel secure that they are as safe as possible when wearing a helmet. The appropriate helmet will be a rider’s first defense against injury in case of an accident or a fall. Check UClear for best helmets.


Staying Safe While Riding a Bike

Staying Safe While Riding a Bike

If you are anything like me, you enjoy going out for a bike ride. In fact, my husband and I purchased bikes earlier this Summer in order to give us something fun to do together over the Summer months when it is so nice outside. That being said however, there are some few things to keep in mind in order to stay safe while riding a bike.

First of all, you will want to check your bike. Right after I purchased my bike I took it out for a spin and the handle bars weren’t screwed in tightly causing me to have a major crash. Not only do you want to make sure everything is tightly screwed together you want to make sure your tires have enough air, your breaks work well and are clean and also that your chain is clean and free of any debris. In order to make sure your breaks work well, take your bike to a level surface and try it out.

Another import piece to consider when setting up your bike is to make sure it is the correct height for you. When sitting still on your bike only the tips of your toes should touch the ground, then you know it is at the correct height for you. Adjust the bike seat and handle bars are needed to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

The next few safety tips for riding a bike are about how you as the rider are dressed. Make sure you wear bright colors or have reflectors so that you are easily seen by others out on the road.

Next focus on your shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and fit snugly on your feet. Avoid wearing high heels or flip flops when riding a bike because you won’t have good traction. Tuck in any laces that are long to prohibit them from flapping and accidently getting caught in the chain.

You may even consider getting biking appropriate eye wear to eliminate dust and debris from flying into your eyes causing an unfortunate accident.

One of the most important things you can wear as a biker is a helmet. Wearing a helmet will help to protect your head in the case of an accident. Keep in mind that in some areas wearing a helmet is required by law. Bell Helmets are a good place to start when looking for a helmet. They have a wide assortment of helmets and you are bound to find something that’ll suit your needs and fit your head comfortably.

The last few tips for bike safety include knowing the road rules and having common sense. Each person who is biking in public streets and areas must know and follow all traffic laws and regulations. It is a good idea to anticipate the unexpected in order to avoid problems. Always ride in the direction of traffic, never head on against the flow. Not only is riding against traffic illegal but it also increases your chances for serious injury. Take these safety tips into consideration and have a safe and enjoyable time biking on your next outing.