Look Like a Million Bucks on Your First Date

Look Like a Million Bucks on Your First Date

I’m sure we’ve all had the question of what to wear on a first date so that we look our best. I know I’ve stood in front of an overflowing closet and claimed that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Women tend to care more about what they wear than the actual date itself which is pretty surprising when you think about the point of dating being to make and find connections with others.

Clothes should add to your appeal definitely not detract from your natural beauty and unique traits. You are the best judge of what clothes make you look good and which ones are less than desirable. Pick out the characteristics of your body that you most like and let your clothes appeal to those areas. If you have great legs, wear something that shows them off. If you love the color of your eyes, wear a shirt that makes the color pop out. Another piece of advice is wear clothing that is suitable to the venue or occasion that your date dictates. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb for wherever you are going or whatever you are doing.

You want to blend into the environment well. Along with making sure that your clothes fit well to the occasion, you should also make sure that your clothes fit you well. Clothes should look good as well as make you feel good. Nothing is worse than having your clothes be uncomfortable and you are constantly adjusting things all night long so you can’t focus on each other which of course is the point of the date. Some helpful tips when deciding on what to wear for a first date is to try the outfit on beforehand. It pays to prepare what you are going to wear beforehand because then you aren’t finding yourself racing against the clock trying to get ready right before the date. You want time to adequately relax and make sure you aren’t rushed before a first date.

It is also helpful to have one outfit that you can fall back on and wear on any given occasion. Something that you know looks great on you and that you feel good wearing. Something that I feel is so important is wearing something that is you. Your outfit should add to your natural beauty and personality not detract from it. Wear something you feel comfortable and feel like yourself in. Don’t try to be something you aren’t just to make a good impression on someone else. Chances are that you will feel self-conscious and not have nearly as good of a time on your date as you could have. In addition to wearing the right clothes to help you look your best for a first date, chances are you might want to wear some accessories as well. If you are looking for inexpensive jewelry that is still nice check out Vienna Jewelry. They buy a lot of gold, silver, watches, diamonds and even designer jewelry so they are a great resource to find some nice second hand pieces. Pick something out that is unique and goes well with your outfit. The most important part of any first date however is to just have fun! Be yourself and just have a good time.