Different Shaving Creams

Different Shaving Creams

There are a few things that are important to obtaining a nice, clean and smooth shave. And one of those things is the type of shave cream that you use. The type of shave cream can make all the difference in the quality of shave that you will receive. There are many different types of shave creams out there, each with their own benefits. I will discuss these different shaving creams and their benefits in this article.

Generic shaving cream

Generic shaving cream is the type of shaving cream that does not offer any extra-added benefits. This type of shaving cream still gets the job done, but there just isn’t anything special about it. This type of shaving cream may still be offered in different scents as well as unscented.

Shaving foam

Shaving foam is exactly what it says; it’s a foamy shaving cream. It may not be as preferred as some other types of shaving products, but it does an adequate job. This type of product usually comes out of an aerosol can and is ready to use instantly, rather than having to lather it up.

Shaving cream for sensitive skin

This one is pretty obvious; it’s a shaving cream that is specially developed for those with sensitive skin. It provides greater protection from the development of razor burn and usually has the added effect of a moisturizer. This type of shaving cream is great for those who need to protect their sensitive skin from the harsh task of shaving.

Shaving soap

Made popular during the early 19th century, this type of shaving product has become more popular with shaving connoisseurs. There are two different types of shaving soaps, a standalone puck or a stick. The only difference between the two is how they are applied to the face. The puck requires a shaving brush while the stick comes in a tube and can be applied directly to the face. Each has a unique appeal.

Shaving gel

Shaving gels have been on the market for a while. However, they are still relatively new when compared to the other types of shaving products on the market. Gels have the added benefits of lubricants and moisturizes, which makes it preferable to certain people. Gels may be a little more difficult to get the desired lather, however, it tends to get into the beard a little better which makes for an easier shave. Gels may tend to be a little less messy than the others as well.

Regardless of which type of shaving product you choose, you can’t go wrong. It is all a personal preference as to which one you choose.