Monitoring Security Systems provided by Alarm Relay

Alarm Relay is a company that offers alarm monitoring services for private individuals and businesses that have security systems. Top quality service and assistance is made available every hour of the day. Alarm Relay has been available since 1972. The client information can be obtained under they do not supply the systems, but they provide the monthly central station monitoring.

The services provided are fast, accurate and not just about advanced technology, but services are handled and accompanied by dedicated and talented professionals. The interesting fact is that the company does not just communicate directly with their clients, they communicate with each other to ensure all protection is provided and services provided are guaranteed for a prolonged period of time. The company is known to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating.

One of the advanced services that are offered is email notifications received and clients are excited about these actions. Clients do receive a call as well as an email when the alarm goes off. Customers do receive an alarm report monthly from their home or place of business. The history reflects what activity the central station received, when it was received and how the alarm was handled. Obtaining the account information is simple. You have the log only information which consists of information about every time the system is armed or disarmed. You can also receive a copy of the month’s history by mail or email at the end of the month. The choice is yours.

Fire monitoring is offered to all The Alarm’s residential accounts. The commercial accounts do receive and require a separate Fire system. Each city and county has different ordinances and it is imperative that the Fire Panels meet the Fire Code requirements set by the local Fire Marshall. The BoldNet Access provides all the customers the ability to access their accounts via the internet. They can view their alarm activity, history, make any necessary changes and print any reports. Cellular monitoring is used as a reliable form of back-up.

The company’s pricing is very simple; it is on an annual subscription basis. Basic monitoring is billed monthly plus a one-time Administration Fee which includes programming the system. The aim is to provide the best low cost security options available. Awareness of all safety tips are encouraged for safety purposes. Knowing how to operate the system during emergency situations or when in a panic mode is recommended.

For all the times when an individual is unable to watch their property and individual presence is not there to deter any intruders, one can always depend on the services provided by the security monitoring company.