Remembering a Family Vacation

Every family vacation leaves people with lasting memories. A trip to see the wonder of the Grand Canyon gives children a sense of the true miracles of the Earth. Even that family trip where the cousins gossiped about you fear of falling off the cruise ship leave irreplaceable memories. You even bought the newest most expensive model 9000 digital camera. You have pictures, videos, and images running out your ears. What happens to these fingerprints from your vacation when you get home? Do they become retired to the back of the junk drawer on a memory stick sure to become obsolete in the next five years.
People want their memories to have that special image for a lifetime, not until the next vacation comes around. What do you want to happen to your memories? Do they collect dust, or become a talking point for each person who asks about your trip? Will you have the energy to describe each picture in detail about the how, when, where, and why of each picture taken? Maybe you will print them out to do something artistic with the photos.Sadly you don’t have time to create a fantastic collage from gluesticks, yarn, and bubble wrap. Before you know it, you have returned from vacation, and only your mind contains those memories. You start to settle in from the long exciting vacation when it happens.
Your coworker calls on the phone. Her voice is annoying, and seething with jealousy. She wants to know where you went. Where did you have the tire blow out at? Did you see anyone famous? Where are the pictures? She practically begs you to bring them to work. No doubt her comments will show her disdain for your joy. You have to make it better. You must do something that will last. You don’t want to recount your vacation word for word until the end of time. You tell your coworker you will send her some photos, and you hang up the phone.
You sit on the computer and pull up your browser. What do you do? Should you simply email the photos with a brief caption? It’s far too boring. You type picture collage maker online into the search bar. You strike gold! In minutes you are creating a collage of all your memories. Your photos begin to tell the story of your vacation. So many backgrounds and frames to choose from make your heart speed up while you laugh thinking about all the fun times. The project you dreaded evolves into a masterpiece that thrills you when it’s completed. The last caption bubble goes in, and the collage beams with your pride. The printer shoots out fabulous copies of the images. Seven digital versions get emailed to the family members too obsessed with work to attend another family vacation. Your smile silently with triumph written across your face.
The multiple collages created in a few minutes from your last day off smile back at you. Each collage tells the story of another part of the trip. Your collages could become a massive chronological collage for years to come. Your coworkers surely will marvel at your creation.
Thinking about your coworkers makes you send a digital copy now, and then facebook finishes uploading a few digital versions of your collage. Who wins this game now? Your pictures and memories will live on by all who see them. Your story spans across time into the future as presents and wishes for another family vacation. Who knew it was so easy? A simple google search for picture collage maker online brought all this joy into your life. No go out and have another vacation each day of your life. Every day holds some wonder waiting for an explorer to capture it. Take an adventure, take a family vacation. Your memories will not collect dust in a junk drawer. They will survive.