Basics of Drain Cleaning


Chances are that everyone who is reading this article has experienced a clog in their kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink, or shower at some point in their life. These are annoying little events that sometimes can happen frequently requiring a test of our patience to fix the minor issue. There are many reasons why things get clogged up. Most likely, there is a buildup of stuff that has accumulated over time and now water has a difficult time of flowing freely through the drain. This can be a build up of your hair in the event that your shower is clogged, or can be a build up of food in the event that your kitchen sink is clogged. The important thing is to know what to do if you have a clog so that you can remain calm and fix it effectively hopefully avoiding future issues.

First of all determine where the clog is. If you have metal pipes, consider pouring boiling hot water down the drain to see if it’ll unclog with this less obtrusive approach. If this doesn’t work, perhaps try using a plunger if you have one laying around. Remember to use quick and sharp plunges in order to most effectively try to rid the drain of its clog. Suppose the clog is being a bit pesky and those attempts aren’t working. Then pour some baking soda down the drain, making sure to get it as far down the drain as possible. Once you have sufficient baking soda down the drain, pour some vinegar down the drain as well. The vinegar will mix with the baking soda and start bubbling and fizzing. If you are finding that your sink is still clogged, try pouring some laundry bleach down the drain once the baking soda and vinegar has stopped fizzing. Let the bleach sit in the drain for about an hour or so then run some warm water down the drain. Hopefully one of these two ideas works if you have a minor clog, and chances are you have these materials already in your home, so it is nice and convenient.

If your clog is still being persistent, perhaps you have a more heavy duty issue and you can purchase drain cleaner from the store such as Drano to better break down the build up of junk causing the clog. Follow the instructions on the bottle to know how to use the product. These products are inexpensive and also easy ways to solve clogs. If none of the above ideas work, and you feel like pulling out your hair by this point, contact a professional plumber to come in and save the day. Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is your solution. They have extensive experience in fixing both large and small plumbing issues as well as drain cleaning to ensure your pipes are happy. You rely on your drains to effective remove unwanted waste from your home. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your drains, the whole system will work much better. So if you can’t remember the last time you checked up on your drains, perhaps it would be a wise idea to go do some tune up today!