The Magical Genie Inside Your Television


Genie in a Television

Blink your eyes a few times and your wish is at our command in the form of great new innovative satellite television excitement! Are you looking to enhance your television viewing experience? If you are than get ready for this exciting news you have all your television dreams come true when this Directv Genie comes into your life. So perhaps blinking won’t transport the Major into the bottle but it will allow you to record ” I dream of Jeannie” in the blink of an eye. It allows you to record a whopping five shows at once. So long gone are the days only being able to record one and you had to have it on the television, so no watching other shows. Now you are lucky as can be with this unique ability to record five shows at once in different rooms and share the programming. Never miss another episode of Dallas if JR is your favorite Ewing!

Don’t miss the game

With the ability to watch and record, the viewer is never left stuck in the room unable to watch his favorite sports team, in fact since he is dad let him watch the game live, because spoilers really stink in a game and record the other family favorites from different rooms. It is important that dad doesn’t get stuck as there is no need to be let down with a Directv Genie on the loose. Dad can even watch one game and record another and switch between them. So while this Genie might not have him laughing like the Genie in Aladdin he is still one lucky man. Be glad you don’t have to get up every time you need to change the channel. It is impossible to go wrong with the Genie! Mom can watch her cooking show, dad two of his favorite sports and even peanut can watch her favorite cartoon. It is a win,win situation with the Genie! So go out and get one today as you will be glad you did. In fact even Fido can watch the latest Lassie just stay away from Old Yeller, he might get nightmares. A dog with bad dreams can be a frightening experience.

Let the fun begin

So what are you waiting for? Get on the blower and get your Genie today. This is an awesome way to share your television services.